What Is CBD Hemp Oil?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a naturally occurring organic compound extracted from the hemp plant which has been organically grown for high concentrations of CBD, and it is used worldwide by many for its numerous wellness benefits.

For Cannabis Sativa to be classed as Hemp, it must be below 0.2% THC in the EU, or less than 0.3% THC in the USA. Hempura extracts and products all have less than 0.05% THC and CBN - as these are restricted substances in the United Kingdom. Levels below <0.05% are undetectable and are of such low levels they are safe and legal to buy online.

Hempura CBD capsules UK are made from 100% Cannabis Sativa L industrial hemp. Extremely easy to dose due to the hemp being in encapsulated in vegetarian capsules, our capsules are highly popular across the nation for an array of wellbeing purposes. Due to having only been decarboxylated and ground, having not undergone any extraction processes, the remaining matter contains the original levels of all the powerful compounds like phytocannabinoids, terpenoids and oils. Slow released over 24 hours, Hempura CBD capsules UK are very easy to supplement into any health regime. 

Hempura's ® recently released CBD cream UK is one of only a few clinically proven CBD products in the UK. Proven to repair, restore and soothe, Hempura's CBD cream is sure to be an essential and critical player in your skincare regime. Bursting with natural cannabinoids and terpenes, let nature take over space on your shelf in place of harsh chemical products

Hempura Hemp Tea is a herbal tea manufactured from high-quality Cannabis Sativa Hemp. With raspberry or lemon flavours and bursting with terpenes, Hempura tea is a great addition to any health regime.