Hempura 200mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates (20)

    Key Points

    • • 10mg CBD per chocolate
    • • Rich in cannabinoids & terpenes
    • • Refined CBD hemp extract (<0.01% THC)
    • • Perfect to be halved
    • • Melts under the tongue
    • Summary

      • ~200mg of CBD in each packet – 20 x ~10mg chocolates
      • ~10mg CBD per chocolate (can be used in halves)
      • Broad-spectrum refined extract (<0.01% THC) – Rich in natural terpenes and active cannabinoids
      • Enhanced taste, refinement process slightly reduces cannabinoid spectrum
      • Winterised & filtered – Undergone a THC removal process. May contain micro traces
      • Manufactured from a full CBD hemp extract – Contains zero CBD isolate
      • Taken by melting underneath the tongue (Sublingual)
      • Made in Great Britainusing organically grown industrial hemp
      • Safe to use by the whole family
      • Lab Tested for Guaranteed Quality

    • Free From 

      • Meat Nuts Fish

    • Ingredients

      • Cannabis sativa hemp extract, sugar, cocoa butterdried whole milkmilk fat, emulsifier (sunflower lecithins), flavouring

    • Description

      Hempura 200mg CBD chocolates are rich in active cannabinoids, a group of compounds that plays a crucial role in the maintenance of body homeostasis. Hempura CBD cacao chocolates contain our best selling extract:

      • Cannabinoids including CBD.
      • Terpenes – The substance found in CBD oil that gives the unique aroma of cannabis. They are also commonly found in herbs, fruits and plants.
    • Our tasty Hempura 200mg Sativa CBD white chocolates are a delicious way to benefit from the pure CBD oil derived from the hemp strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Our CBD chocolates contain the same extract as found in our best selling CBD oil. Despite coming from the same source, these CBD chocolates are completely free from the unwanted effects of cannabis due to having near-zero THC. They are totally safe and legal to use by the whole family.

      Hempura CBD white chocolates are packed full of 100% natural cannabinoids and therefore have the associated taste mixed with delicious natural cocoa butter – to produce tasty white chocolate that allows easy absorption of CBD. A great alternative for those who don’t want to take oil, they are safe for the whole family.

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