Cold Cast Bronze Sculpture of a Pug: A Stunning Tribute to Man's Best Friend

Celebrate your love for your furry friend with this stunning Cold Cast Bronze Sculpture of a Pug. Expertly crafted, this sculpture captures the unique features and playful nature of the Pug breed in exquisite detail. The Cold Cast Bronze finish gives the sculpture a timeless and elegant appearance, making it a standout addition to any collection or a perfect gift for a fellow Pug enthusiast. Whether displayed on a shelf, mantle or tabletop, this sculpture is sure to bring joy and add character to any room. Bring home the beauty of this adorable Pug sculpture and let it remind you of your loyal companion for years to come.



Weight 0.2kg
Depth 4.5cm
Height 8cm
Width 9.5cm
Packaging Box with Polyfoam
Colour Bronze
Material Cold Cast Bronze