Harriet Glen's Bronze Effect Buttercup Hare: A Beautiful Sculpture for Nature Lovers

Introducing the Bronze Effect Buttercup Hare by Harriet Glen, a stunning sculpture that captures the essence of this beloved creature in exquisite detail. This sculpture features a hare amidst a bed of buttercups, crafted with meticulous care and finished with a beautiful bronze effect that adds a touch of elegance to any room. Whether displayed on a shelf, mantle or tabletop, this sculpture is sure to be a standout piece in any collection. Perfect for nature lovers and art enthusiasts alike, the Bronze Effect Buttercup Hare is a wonderful addition to your decor. Bring home this charming sculpture and enjoy the beauty of nature in your own space.


Weight 0.34kg
Width 14cm
Height 19cm
Depth 6cm
Packaging Brown Box with Polyfoam
Material Resin