7cm Cast Iron Cauldron With Pentagram

Item number: SD

A small sized cast iron cauldron with pentagram design.

A cast iron cauldron with a pentagram is a sturdy and durable cooking vessel with a symbolic pentagram design on its exterior. The cauldron is typically made of heavy-duty cast iron and has a rounded, deep basin with a flat bottom and a handle on each side.

The pentagram is a five-pointed star enclosed in a circle, with each point representing an element: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. The pentagram is often associated with magic and pagan beliefs and is used as a symbol of protection, unity, and balance.

In some pagan and Wiccan traditions, the cast iron cauldron with a pentagram is used in rituals and spells as a tool for containing and directing energy. It may also be used for cooking or as a decorative item in a home or sacred space.

Overall, the cast iron cauldron with a pentagram is a powerful and versatile symbol of magic and spirituality, blending practicality with symbolism in a unique and meaningful way.

Please Note: Caution must be taken when in use. As these are iron they will get hot when heated. Please handle with care and always place on a heat resistant surface. Not suitable for use with candles. Product Dimensions: H10.5cm x W10cm x D10cm Packaged Dimensions: H11cm x W10.5cm x D10.5cm