Chilli Fudge


Experience the captivating transformation of our exquisite Devon Clotted Cream fudge, as we elevate this timeless delicacy into a realm of avant-garde confectionery, exclusively using authentic Indian spices sourced from the purest grounds. Prepare to be mesmerized by the beguiling flavor journey that awaits.

At the first delightful bite, our fudge reveals itself as a harmonious blend of rich sweetness, subtly infused with a gentle warmth that piques your curiosity. But as you savor each mouthful, prepare for an exhilarating escalation of flavors, gradually intensifying to a surprising crescendo. The unexpected burst of spice will leave you wondering: where did that come from?

Indulge in this extraordinary fudge creation, an experience that goes beyond mere enjoyment—it is an interactive spectacle for your taste buds. Allow it to entertain and tantalize, igniting a playful dance of sensations that will leave you craving for more.