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Have you ever wondered about going ‘greener’, but didn’t exactly know how to go about it? Do you tend to bury your head in the sand when it comes to talking about the plastic bag problems, greenhouse gas effects, or the chemicals in personal care products that might actually be harming you and your children?


At the end of the day, it is our responsibility to help protect the world we live in – each and every one of us. Whilst you may think that you alone can’t (or won’t) make a difference, behind the scenes there is a gentle revolution going on. People all over the country are discovering that going greener not only protects the environment for everyone, they can actually save a huge amount of money on their household and shopping bills too – contrary to the belief that ‘green’ means expensive!


So, if you would like to make the world a better place, and you would like to discover ways to reduce your monthly spending – often dramatically, try an interesting company that helps you to unravel the mysteries of ‘greenery’ and at the same time gives you brilliant free tips and ideas for reducing spending, wastage, and the effect on the planet.


This company is called Wikaniko. It is pronounced ‘We Can Eco’ and already, it is proving to be an outstanding success. The products are supplied by local distributors via word of mouth, leaflets, a fascinating home shopping catalog, and a stunning cosmetics and toiletries catalog.

Here’s just a taster: There is a whole range of totally degradable black bags, bin liners, food freezer bags and nappy sacks that do not damage the planet at all. Try out the Eco Clean Ball that allows you to do your washing without the need to buy any more washing detergent - ever. Then, there are gardening, electrical, and water saving products, along with tips and ideas. And there is an excellent range magnotherapy product, at very reasonable prices. Moving on, the cosmetics and toiletries are simply stunning. From award-winning NVEY Eco range of cosmetics – so good you can actually eat them – to organic cotton wool, soaps from around the world, natural body deodorants, retro cleaning products, and some superbly priced body care accessories for yourself, or for using as gift ideas. All in all, there are over 750 products, with more being added on a regular basis


The company goes much further than simply supplying products. There are incentives etc for all their customers, making the shopping experience extremely pleasant and hassle-free, including delivery to your door. The best thing to do is to have a chat with your friendly local distributor, who will be pleased to drop a catalog off to you, and show you some samples of the products, plus answer any questions you may have about becoming ‘greener’. Wikaniko is also looking for other part-time distributors to help spread the word, with the advantage being that not only can you buy your own products (that you use every day) at wholesale prices, you can make some extra money by showing others how to reduce the damaging effects on the environment. It is an extremely pleasant and worthwhile way of gaining an extra income in these trying times!


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For further information on the products, or on how to become a Wikaniko distributor, contact your local Distributor, with absolutely no obligation.