Parasite Wood Carvings

What is Parasite Wood

"Parasite wood" typically refers to a type of wood that has been affected by parasites or fungi, which can cause unique patterns or colors in the wood. Some common examples of parasite wood include spalted wood and ambrosia wood.

Spalted wood is wood that has been partially decayed by fungi, resulting in a distinctive pattern of dark lines or patches that contrast with the lighter color of the wood. This type of wood is often prized for its natural beauty and is used in a variety of woodworking projects.

Ambrosia wood is wood that has been infested by ambrosia beetles, which bore into the wood and introduce a fungus that causes the wood to discolor and develop unique patterns. The resulting wood may have a distinctive gray or brown color with streaks of darker colors, and is also used in woodworking projects.

Parasite wood can be challenging to work with, as the presence of parasites and fungi can make the wood softer and more prone to splitting or cracking. However, many woodworkers appreciate the unique beauty and character of parasite wood, and use it to create a wide range of furniture, decorative objects, and other woodworking projects.

Size Warning

Please note that due to the handcrafted nature of our goods some variation from the sample shown on the site may occur. All sizes are approximate. Whilst every effort has been made to represent colourways at their truest we cannot guarantee these colours. Several goods are sold in a wide variety of colourways and all cannot be shown here. Variations are highly likely in the parasite wood range as these pieces are based on individual pieces of wood. Sizes stated usually relate to the actual carved animal.​