Bamboo root duck with hat and boots – large


This decorative item showcases a collection of ducks made from bamboo root and teak, each with its own unique pose and character. The intricate detailing and skillful craftsmanship are evident in the smooth curves of the ducks' bodies and the intricacies of their feathers. Each duck has been varnished to highlight the natural beauty of the materials and provide protection against the elements, making them perfect for display in the home or garden.

The average height of the ducks, measured to the top of their heads, is 39cm, allowing them to make an impact in any space without being overwhelming. These ducks add a touch of charm and whimsy to any decor, and their various poses make them suitable for display together or as standalone pieces. Whether placed on a mantelpiece or nestled among garden plants, these bamboo root and teak ducks are sure to delight all who encounter them.