Buddha Statue Standing - 1m Welcome

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The standing Buddha statue symbolizes stability and grounding, with both feet placed firmly on the ground side by side. The reason for this stance can be determined by the hand gesture, or mudra, of the statue.

Typically, a standing Buddha statue is thought to depict the Buddha repelling conflict or emerging from meditation to impart the Four Noble Truths following enlightenment. The feet of the statue, firmly planted on the ground, indicate the Buddha's readiness to embark on teaching and spreading the teachings. In contrast, when the soles of the feet are turned upward, as in the vajrasana position, the Buddha is depicted in a receptive state, signifying meditation.


Origin Indonesia
Net weight 23Kg /Statue
Shipping weight 23Kg
Dimensions 40x20x100 (cm), 80L, 0.287Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Suar Wood